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Root Canal in Kalamazoo

In need of treatment for your root canal in Kalamazoo?

If we were to take a ferry through the root canal of the tooth, our journey would begin at the base (or root) of the tooth, where it connects to the jaw bone. Moving upstream, along a winding and narrow tunnel, we could glimpse at the nerve tissue and blood supply intertwined throughout the canal, spiraling ahead in near psychedelic configurations. Leading up to a dense reservoir at the uppermost portion of the tooth, we would find ourselves sitting in a central chamber, home to the dental pulp; the vital center of the tooth. When there’s trouble in the innermost sanctum of the tooth, intervention is required. At the office of Keith R. Konvalinka DDS, your dentist provides the necessary treatment you require, whether it’s a root canal in Kalamazoo, or the highest quality preventive, restorative, or cosmetic dental care.

Root Canal in Kalamazoo

In some cases, dental decay eating away at the outermost shell of the tooth can make its way close enough to the root canal to make it susceptible to infection. With an infection at this deep a level, your dentist will have to perform a root canal in Kalamazoo in order to rescue the tooth. Although each case is unique, most of the time your dentist will make his own journey to the innermost sanctum of your tooth beginning from the uppermost crown. After carefully traversing the outer shell of enamel, any infected dental pulp or nerve tissue will be carefully removed. Upon clearing away any remaining bacteria in the canal of the tooth, the inside will be disinfected and sealed. In most cases, a restorative filling or crown can be used to repair the biting surface of the tooth. Afterwards, you’re ready to bite with the best of them!

If you’re suffering from a toothache, or have sustained an injury to any of your teeth, getting a root canal in Kalamazoo may be the best way to save your tooth. For the highest quality dental care, contact the office of Keith R. Konvalinka DDS for your next appointment.


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