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Osthemo dental implants

With advances in modern advances in dentistry, there’s never been a better choice of options for the replacement of missing teeth. At the office of Keith R. Konvalinka DDS, our skilled and experienced dentist offers the latest treatment solutions for reestablishing your smile. From the customized provision of dental bridges, partial and full dentures, as well as the finest quality restorations and prostheses to finalize Osthemo dental implants, our office is equipped to deliver the highest quality results. With over 25 years of experience and an established reputation for providing gentle, precise and compassionate dental care, you can trust Dr. Konvalinka with your general, restorative and cosmetic dentistry needs.

Osthemo dental implants

For one of the top options available today, you’re going to want to consider the possibilities with Osthemo dental implants. Dental implants are inserted directly into the jaw in a minor surgical procedure, where they integrate with the surrounding bone over time. By providing the same stimulation to the jaws as the roots of your own teeth, implants help to retain the natural contours of your facial features, while promoting overall jaw health. Extending upward to just above the line of the gums, implants can secure a custom crown or prosthesis. Whether your implants are used to support single crowns, artfully matched to the shade, shape and proportions most aesthetically pleasing to your smile, or a fixed bridge or overdentures, Dr. Konvalinka will make the most exquisite quality restorative and prosthetic options available for the last phase of your implant treatment.

If you’ve made the decision to restore your smile with Osthemo dental implants and require a custom fabricated restorative crown, bridge or denture to finalize your new smile, look to the office of Keith R. Konvalinka for the quality restorative care you deserve. To learn more about our customized implant restorations, give a call to our helpful staff at the number below today!

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