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Kalamazoo Root Canal

Where can I get a Kalamazoo root canal?

When you make the office of Keith R. Konvalinka DDS your choice for general, emergency, and cosmetic dentistry, you can trust that you’ll be receiving first class dental healthcare, whether you require urgent treatment, or a routine checkup. Highly experienced in determining the source of dental aches of all kinds, Dr. Konvalinka provides a comprehensive range of the most essential dental services, for the all-around oral care patients so commonly require. Whether it’s treatment for a cavity, or the need for a Kalamazoo root canal, you’ll be in excellent hands at the office of Keith R. Konvalinka DDS.

Kalamazoo Root Canal

Thanks to modern advances in dental instrumentation and technology, teeth that have been injured, or subject to severe dental decay can usually be rescued with root canal therapy—the treatment that address issues deep inside the tooth. Following dental trauma, it’s not uncommon for the delicate vital tissue inside the tooth to become damaged and susceptible to infection. With deep dental decay, this same vital tissue can become exposed to bacteria outside the mouth, making it vulnerable to infection as well. With deep infections, the best way to save your tooth is by performing a Kalamazoo root canal. You can rest assured that the affected area will be completely numbed with local anesthesia prior to any treatment. Using the most precise and tiny tools, your dentist will carefully remove damaged and infected tissue from inside the tooth. Oftentimes, microbial solution is applied to kill any remaining bacteria and reduce the risk for further infection. After disinfecting the inside canals of the tooth, a rubber-like filling will be placed to prevent bacteria from re-entry.

Following your Kalamazoo root canal, a restorative filling or custom crown will be placed to repair the performance and appearance of your tooth. Offering CEREC same day crowns, and the highest quality restorative materials to choose from, you’ll have the foremost options to aid you in optimizing the aesthetic, function, and overall convenience of your treatment. To schedule your next appointment for care, call the office of Keith R. Konvalinka DDS today!

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